Frederikshavn Municipality

Frederikshavn Municipality - Organisation fleet reduced by 22%

“Tracking system has allowed us to track detailed driving patterns to optimize our fleet by planning routes more efficiently and reducing the number of vehicles. Employees are able to cut down on the time spent filling out mileage reports and focus on driving and other tasks instead.”


Lejerbo - Expenses decreased by 30%

“We were looking for a system to accurately document employee business expenses. Installing tracking system allowed us to track company vehicles to optimise routes and distribute exact driver reimbursement - this helped us greatly reduce our expenses.”

  • Requirement

    GPS-registered vehicles allowed us to track detailed driving patterns and use this information to optimize our fleet. GPS tracking helped reduce the number of vehicles on the road and target cars that can could be replaced with cheaper options. Furthermore, tax authorities demanded a safe and simple method to track our vehicles. Employees can cut down on the time spent filling out mileage reports to focus on driving and other tasks.

  • Result

    The system was used for optimizing driving routes and the number of cars on the road. We found options to plan routes more efficiently and reduce the number of cars on the road - we were able to utilize a garage and even replace cars with electric bicycles. The system decreased the time employees spend filling out mileage logbooks and other documents. Furthermore, we were able to track additional route information such as duration of customer visits, driving breaks, total travel time, etc.

  • Implementation

    Implementing the software and technical installations was easy. Before fully installing the system, employees were thoroughly trained. Our experience has proven that the sytem is easy-to-use and any early technical difficulties have been addressed.

  • Facts

    • 75 pool cars
    • 950 users in 30 departments
    • Fleet management with Booking
    • Easy and user-friendly booking
    • Overview of consumption separated by departments
    • Optimization analyzer
    • Allows multiple users
    • Easy to implement
    • Secure documentation for SKAT
  • Requirement

    Lejerbo introduced the system to 150 driving employees in the summer of 2008. Lejerbo needed a system to manage their employees and accurately document employee business expenses.

  • Result

    Lejerbo uses a GPS solution that does not need to be installed in the car. This allows it to be easily exchanged between cars and transferred between employees. The device information is downloaded to a PC and added to the driving journal.

  • Exploit

    After automatic mileage log system was implemented at Lejerbo, the cost of driving decreased by 1/2 million Denmark Krones. The main reasons for this are attributed to exact driver reimbursement and overall optimised driving. These savings show that the roadmap investment yielded profits within the first year.

  • Implementation

    Employees participated in training sessions before mileage log was fully implemented, but some user errors still occured during startup. Initially, employees did not feel fully comfortable using mileage log, and continued to file driving journals manually. Within 6 months, the initial problems were addressed, all employees felt comfortable using mileage log, and both users and bookkeepers were satisfied with the system.

  • Facts

    • Expenses decreased by 30%
    • Saves time and effort for employees
    • Saves time and effort for managers and accountants
    • Provides a secure registration of all business operations
    • Correct payment of driving allowance
    • Provides secure documentation for SKAT

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