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SkandiFleet - Tracking Solutions Sweden AB is a Swedish-based company specializing in fleet and task management software and hardware.

About the Company

To offer the latest technology and innovative solutions, SkandiFleet has partnered with Ecofleet, a company that is providing fleet and task management services. In 1995, at the time when track and trace was first introduced as a concept in distribution and logistics, Ecofleet was started by a team that included the founding engineers of Skype. The Ecofleet - SkandiFleet partnership offers over 20 years of experience and allows SkandiFleet to be an industry leader in fleet and task management services.

With exceptional consultation services, customized software for every customer and extensive experience in fleet and task management, SkandiFleet offers the best solutions for every customer.

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Company Policy


Our Mission

Our company mission is focused on creating a sustainable and profitable business by providing the most advanced fleet management solutions that allow both private and public entities to reach their goals for CO2 reduction.

We focus on sustainable development through the continuous improvement of daily operations, and follow the CSR policy to keep staff, suppliers and customers informed on our daily operations.

As part of our CSR policy, SkandiFleet follows strict guidelines defined by the United Nations Global Compact to adopt sustainable and socially responsible principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

In addition to the CSR policy and code of conduct, SkandiFleet adopts responsible sourcing procedures and guidelines to achieve the highest social, environmental and quality standards for both the company and the customers.


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