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SkandiFleet fleet management helps you keep track of your vehicles and mileage, resulting in less administrative work, optimised driving routes and improved customer service!

Vehicle Overview

Are you finding it difficult to keep track of the location of your vehicles? SkandiFleet allows you to see real-time locations of your fleet, so you can find a vehicle closest to a job site, or inform your customers of the exact arrival time.

Improved customer service

With real-time tracking, you can quickly respond to to tasks and keep customers informed on the status of their order. Ensure your fleet is performing optimally by always knowing exact vehicle locations, and even details like the temperature in refrigerated trailers.

Optimise driving and fuel consumption

Minimizing fuel and maintenance costs is a key focus, as these are typically a fleet company's main expenses. SkandiFleet tracks vehicle fuel consumption and the fluctuation in fuel level to help find exactly where changes could be made.

Tachograph data in real-time

SkandiFleet collects tachograph data in real-time to display an overview of driver's time spent driving, resting and working. This makes it easy to see any violations. Ensure the drivers are safe on the road and do not receive fines.

Download data

Keeping tachograph data in the office is required by law. SkandiFleet allows you to download and save the drivers’ tachgraph files at any time, without requiring each driver to submit individual documentation.

Transport solutions

  • Fleet overview
  • Green Driving - Optimising Expenses
  • Trailer logistics
  • Trailer tracking - theft protection
  • 2-way communication
  • Task Management
  • Truck location in real-time
  • Tachograph data in real-time
  • Driver driving and rest time
  • Overview of drivers’ violations
  • Refuelings and fuel consumption
  • Fluctuations in fuel level

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