Administration on the road made easy

Do you have trouble efficiently distributing tasks to employees and making sure the person closest to the job site is assigned the task?
This typically means a lot of phone calls between the office and the employees on the road, which results in wasting time and driving too many miles.
Use SkandiFleet’s fleet management system to communicate efficiently.

Task Management in the office

Use SkandiFleet to track employees on a map, record and assign tasks, keep employees informed on their duties, and have an updated status of all tasks and employees.

Create customised forms that meet your company needs - collect information on quality control from the employees, calculate the most optimal routes to reduce driving and save employee time, and more.

Task Management
on the road

Using the mobile app, employees can access overviews of their own tasks, as well as view the real-time location of other employees. Even while on the road, employees can view optimal routes, calculate travel time to their destinations, fill out office forms, attach photos, apply signatures, and more.


  • Save time on assigning tasks
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce phone bill costs
  • Reduce task response times
  • Get an overview of tasks and employees
  • Document the time billed and goods sold to customers
  • Organise all documentation in one system
  • Avoid the need to buy separate GPS devices
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS Tablets and Smart Phones

Increase Efficiency with SkandiFleet

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