Efficiency in the construction & building industry

Are you having trouble calculating mileage to off-site projects, or tracking your employee's location? With SkandiFleet, increase customer satisfaction while lowering your administrative burden and operating costs!

Overview of your company vehicles

Can you easily find the closest vehicle to a certain location, or keep your customer informed about the exact arrival or departure time of their order? SkandiFleet can help you. Additionally, optimise deliveries with GPS to ensure efficient routes with minimal detours.

Keep track of heavy machinery operating hours

Operational costs of heavy machinery are very high - it is important to know the exact duration and purpose of their use.

Easy equipment management

Do you know where your equipment is at all times? Do you experience problems locating specific equipment at a certain point in time? Let SkandiFleet help you keep track of the location of your equipment.

Task management 'on the go'

Handle all communication between the office and employees with one system. Quickly assign tasks to relevant employees, and get feedback on the status for quality control. Employees can easily access the system through the App on their mobiles.

Constuction solutions

  • Fleet overview
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Asset Tracking - theft protection
  • Equipment Management
  • Task Management

Increase Efficiency with SkandiFleet

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