Increasing Productivity and Reducing Costs

Is your machinery working at full efficiency? Do you want to know the exact field your tractor operated in, and the duration of operation? How long did your employee work for? Can you be confident in the safety of your machinery?

Minimize your time spent worrying and let SkandiFleet do the work for you.

SkandiFleet GPS tracking service helps:

  • Check fuel consumption - find out how much is being refueled, average fuel consumption per 100 km or a working hour, irregular fluctuations in fuel level
  • See data on detailed maps - different layers, cadastral borders, ability to create new areas
  • Measure the work of tractor accessories

With automatic reports,
keep track of:

  • Machinery operating time
  • Refuelings and fuel consumption
  • Task completion by area
  • Working time of tractor accessories
  • Drivers’ working time

Additional options:

  • Maintenance schedule and logbook
  • Events
  • Reminders
  • Alarm and security solutions

Increase Efficiency with SkandiFleet

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